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 The Abacos are known as one of the world’s top boating and sailing destinations due to its calm sea surrounded by charming islands and on No Name Cay you will find Abaco's friendlisty residents in a place lovingly dubbed Piggyville.   Private Charters available, need a Captain, let us create a perfect charter with our Friendly Certified Crew  with Watertoys Boat Rental today.

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Visit the most recognized Landmark in Abaco and the last of its kind in the world!  Elbow reef Lighthouse society. 

The lighthouse stands at 89 feet, with 101 steps, and is one of only two remaining beacons saved from automation (which is vigorously opposed by residents). Extraordinary efforts are undertaken by the locals to secure the parts for the kerosene-burning apparatus of the light, most of which are no longer manufactured. An image of this lighthouse is featured on the Bahamian $10 bill. Visitors are free to visit the lighthouse in Elbow Cay and drink in an amazing panoramic view. Together with the village's neat rows of gingerbread cottages painted varying pastel shades, it gives this settlement plenty of charm.